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Maximize exposure to millions of online social media users using Hyper-Targeted Facebook Ads. We get you the results your business deserves on social media

Firstly, Facebook Ads are a great resource. Businesses target millions of Facebook users for advertising. They are practical for both small and large companies. Therefore, we use creative ways to connect with target audiences. Our compelling content ensure engagement with consumers.

Solveit Bahamas - Facebook Ads

At SolveIT Bahamas, we provide expert social media consulting. Our goal is to develop the perfect Facebook Advertising strategy. Ad campaigns are a part of a marketing and branding strategy. Businesses extend their reach on their social network with such strategies.

The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself. – Peter Drucker

Facebook Ads, Are They For You?

We boost the social status of small, medium or enterprise businesses. In addition, we can boost your social status with our expert awareness of Facebook Ads. Combining creative graphic design and a unique ad.

Facebook Advertising grows the audience of your brand and increases sales. Direct efforts to the Social Media Strategy for your business. It is useful for creating options to connect to new fan bases. We partner to extend reach with Social Media Optimization.

Many businesses fail to see the value in connecting with audiences. We explain this in detail to the customer. As a result, we assist businesses with engaging consumers. Facebook's campaigns tailored to user options and demographics.

After achieving success with Facebook Ads, take your business online. For example, we grow your business with our Web Design with advanced Web Development solutions.

In conclusion, a business can convert social media traffic into eCommerce traffic. Or, convert online visitors to in store consumers. Social Media Networks have changed the way we do business. We assist existing and possible customers to target such users. With the intention to help with loyalty to your brand by consumers.

Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great. - John D. Rockefeller


…Very Knowledgeable and professional. Broad experience, creative problem solver and very professional. I highly recommend.

A. Curry


I have received consulting from SolveIT Bahamas regarding IT matters for several years. Always the consummate professional and offers economical solutions. I highly recommend their expertise and service.

C. Humes

I needed assistance with my budding business and needed it to reflect each aspect of my product. In ways that surprised me SolveIT connected with my vision and executed perfectly. In the process, I received much needed advice on crafting and branding and marketing all in one shot. The initial consultation was very informative, the follow through and process communication impressive and project time markers were kept and often superseded – I am not sure they sleep on their end but SolveIT made a great impression on me!

K. Pratt


Meta Mindsets

Knowledgeable, efficient and gets the job done. SolveIT was exactly what our company needed and we continue to work together as we meet the needs of our customers.

L. Russell

Marketing Manager

The Mailboat Company Limited

These guys are the best ever, my business is doing much better because of SolveIT. I really appreciate how great they treated me. If you’re looking for a great consultant, look no further.

N. Herious


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We feature some of our more interesting projects / case studies which highlight how our technology and business solutions were utilized. Learn about how our solutions to improve the way you do business, jumpstart business initiatives and overcome challenges.

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Information technology (IT) firms yesterday said their will “heavily stress” the importance of business resiliency to every client once the COVID-19 pandemic is over. Philip Darville, SolveIT B

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